Shooting at Sunset


Pregnancy isn’t known to be the most glamorous time of a woman’s life. When it comes to the way I’ve been dressing for the past 9 months, things didn't really change very much for me. Sneakers and t-shirts have always been part of my daily uniform, so it was quite tricky to choose something to wear for this maternity shoot. If it were entirely up to me, I would have worn black loafers, leggings and a long white tee. But my photographer mate and his stylist fiancé insisted on something else. While my pregnancy has been a healthy and blessed one, the emotional journey to 38 weeks has been challenging to say the least. Shayben of Siempre is one of my closest friends and he encouraged me to allocate some time to get some maternity shots done. We finally made it happen at the end of my 37th week. My talented cousin Mary took care of my tresses and I hurriedly put on my face while Shayben yelled at me over speakerphone because he didn't want to miss the sunset. When I got to the location, I just listened to Shayben’s instructions and took his direction. He knows better than anyone that I’m not the most patient person in front of a camera.

It did feel a little surreal to be holding my belly, knowing how temporary this time in my life will be. I was completely unsure about how I'd look in the shots... being 12 kilos heavier definitely had something to do with my uncertainty. But the results were awesome and I’m so glad I put the time aside for Shayben to get the shots he had imagined. I've decided to share some of my favourites in this post.

These photos remind me to keep my eyes fixed on the light, no matter how dark the storm appears.


If you're thinking about having some shots taken of your pregnancy, or maybe even a family photo update, click here to contact Shayben.