Stuff We Love


Over the past few months, I have had the honour of meeting with some seriously sweet people. Not only have these individuals been an inspiration to what I do here at PSS, they have also been big supporters this project since the re-launch only a few short months ago. So I thought that I’d share a handful of the blogs and publications that we are loving...the ones that share our passion for making the journey a sweet one, because at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.


This gorgeous lifestyle blog is one that always makes me feel fresh and renewed. I have never ever left Effie SEE White feeling heavy and mentally clogged… in fact, quite the contrary. Effie has an affinity for design, and has invited her readers to step into her world of effortless style, fuss free recipes, and her favourite foodie hot spots. At a Sunday brunch date with Effie, I had the privilege of hearing all about the wonderful plans that Effie has for her blog and I'm so excited to watch her vibrant journey unfold week by week. Sweet stuff indeed!



I recently caught up with the talented and passionate Mr Jim & Mrs Christina Butcher, who are the gorgeous couple behind this blog, and just in case I wasn't already in love with it, their easy going nature sealed the deal! What I personally love about Mr& is that I can actually relate to the whole theme. I travel annually with my husband Kevin, we dine out together at least 3 times a week, and spend every other moment celebrating all the things that make life living with our friends and family both locally and overseas. Mr & Mrs Romance is fun, lighthearted, and an amazing source of inspiration for the cocktail lover.



This magazine strikes a sentimental chord in my heart because of my roots as a cake decorator. Lisa from Peach Tree Designs is publishing this pretty little bi-monthly magazine that features the best in international and local cake decorating. Sweet Magazine will be launched at the Cakes Bakes and Sweets Show in Sydney to an anticipated audience of over 20 thousand. Such an exciting time for Lisa and her team, and we're pretty darn excited too - because we are going to be regularly contributing travel and lifestyle pieces to upcoming issues. Seriously though - cake, travel, lifestyle and all things sweet? It's a match made in sweet heaven!