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Is there anything more exciting than packing for a 2 month trip away? I think I might be one of those rare breeds who plans absolutely everything I pack, down the type of phone case. I even write up check lists months before leaving home just to make sure I do not miss a thing.

Travelling to the US, with a stop over on the west coast is a long ass process, and as much as I like to use the time to disconnect, unfortunately being in flight is one of those rare occasions where I can put on the headphones and write without the distraction of the interwebs. So I've been compiling my techy bits and pieces that will be coming along for the journey when I set off for the US in July. (I told you I'm nuts). This time I'm making a conscious effort to not only pack the things that are great in transit, but also the items that will be perfect when travelling on land.


Incase Pathway Slip Sleeve MacBook Air 13"  I picked this up from the Move Store in Bondi the same week that I bought my MacBook Air. I love it to bits because it's stylish, durable and lightweight. It was the only case that I found that wasn't bulky, ugly, or super masculine. So by comparison to other fugly cases out there,  it didn't take long to justify the purchase.- $69.95

Monster Diamond Tears Headphones NYC Urban radio queen Simone "Boss Lady" Amelia put me onto these bad boys during my last trip to the Big Apple. Simone swears by her Monster  headphones and wanted me to give them a go. They're great for the folks who are looking for a sleek and stylish alternative to some of the bulky headphones out there - especially if, like me, you have a small head and look like a douche in anything else.  $399

Logitech case+energy Love my iPhone. Hate my iPhones battery. I spend at least 50% of my life responding to emails, making notes and reminders, and uploading photos to the social networks... so you'd think I require 50% more battery life than the average person? Wrong! I need 100% more battery life compared to the average person. This case by Logitech also includes a separate attachment that clicks into place and charges your phone on the go - in flight or on land. So really, this purchase needs no explanation. $119.95

Logitech case+drive Kevin and I always incorporate a road trip element on our yearly trip to the US. Thanks to having GPS in our phones, this rids the need to hire external navigators and dodgy mounts that slip and fall and cause unnecessary loud thumps on long, romantic drives. This lightweight gadget by Logitech is travel friendly and offers the strongest grip to the windshield we've ever experienced. #truth. Perfectly holds the iPhone in place with the magnetic strip on the back. Perfection! $69.95