Vanilla Bean Yoghurt & Summer Fruit Salsa



Brunch is easily my favourite meal to eat out. So hosting a brunch gathering at home can sometimes be a little tricky. Do you prepare one dish or a few? Should you plate up the main event or lay it all out on share platters? But what if your guests want little bites of everything?

Decisions decisions!

One of my favourite things to do with brunch food is to take something delicious, serve it in half size portions, and watch people react. Like these yoghurt cups for example! I use piccolo latte sized cups, which instantly makes them 50% cuter than if they were served in regular ones!  They  also make for a fresh finish (or start) at your brunch parties this summer.

I picked up the piccolo latte cups at a variety store at a whopping $2 for a box of 6, so naturally I bought 3 boxes. Great for desserts, and actual lattes too!

Vanilla Bean Yoghurt & Summer Fruit Salsa

1 500g tub of five:am vanilla bean organic yoghurt (the best stuff on the shelves right now!) 1 mango 1/4 Ripe Pineapple 6 strawberries Half a pomegranate 5 passion fruits For the salsa, finely chop into squares the strawberries,  mango,  pineapple. Placing chopped fruit contents into a small bowl, mix in the pulp of 5 passion fruits, and the pomegranate.

Using a tablespoon, scoop a generous spoon into each cup, add a layer of salsa in the middle, and top with another spoon of yoghurt. Finish each cup with a flat tablespoon of salsa. This filled 10 of my little latte cups.

Happy dipping!



Photography by Shayben Moussa @shaybenmoussa instagram