Surf's Up

This recent stretch of hot weather in Sydney has me dreaming myself back to Hawaii. Beaches…. sunshine… surfing. That’s right.


The most uncoordinated person you’ve ever met.


When I booked my surf lesson with Aloha Beach Services, I thought that the swimsuit I was already wearing would be fine. Maybe it was a bikini, and maybe I was under the impression, that after years of watching California beach based TV shows that a bikini was acceptable for such activities.

Pamela Anderson, you liar.

I was handed a wetsuit by our super chilled instructor named Kaleo, and off I went to learn about how to paddle and not fall off my very heavy surfboard. I thought I had paid enough attention to Kaleo, until it was time to catch my first (tiny) Waikiki Beach wave – and surprisingly, it was a raging success -(slight exaggeration, but I stood up on that board and rode that wave out to the shore…and in my mind I looked like a female Kelly Slater).

You’d think that growing up 20 minutes away from Bondi Beach, that maybe I would have experienced it by now, so for my first time in Hawaii, I knew I had to get myself in on a surf lesson. Well and truly worth my while, because not only did I look like a total badass, but I also got to tick something off my bucket list.


Aloha Beach Services:

6123 Wakine Pl. Honolulu Hawaii 96821