Sweet Stuff for Christmas


SUMMER_SNACKS-6 What would make the ultimate Christmas gift for me this year, you ask?

A dog.

With sarcastic thanks to apartment living, I probably won't get my Christmas miracle this year, but it sure is nice to dream. Luckily for me, I get to hang out with my sister's pup Berry Valentine. She's naughty, she's nice and she insisted on getting in on the flat lay action. This post is for those of us who are struggling with last minute gift ideas for Christmas. That's I'm whipping out the Christmas stockings and giving gifts that are small, useful and many!


Sweet Stuff for her

Therapy Kitchen Chef's Gift Set -$34.95 -  the perfect gift to offer a little relaxation to the busy cook in your life. Comes complete with hand cream, soap, a wash brush and moisturiser. KMS Curl Up - $39.95 -Why is it that girls with curly hair take a life time to embrace it? KMS Curl Up styling products are perfect for your curly haired KK.

Tea Forte Tea Notes - $6 - A sweet little gift tag thats also home to two Tea Forte tea bags. Perfection! Remington Pretty in Pastel Straightener - $19.95 -  Cute, bright and inexpensive, this styling tool by Remington is the perfect stocking filler for someone who's just getting into the beauty game. Naked Tan Goddess Creme de la Creme - $24.99 - perfect for tan maintenance over the summer break... and it smells like dessert. Racinne Ultimate Hydra Gift Set - $59 - At an incredible price point for 3 great products, this kit is just what the doctor ordered for summer. The Racinne Christmas Pack Hydra Perfection includes the Ulitmate Hydra Perfection Advanced Luminous Gel, Gentle Refining Scrub and Contour Brighening Eye Care. Comes beautifully boxed especially for the season.

evo Fat & Happy gift set - $44.95 - For fat and happy hair this season, look no further than this quirky gift set by evo. As well as being an awesome product line, you'll always get a kick out of evo's incredible branding... they save ordinary humans from themselves. i.e.: no bull, great hair products.

Cover Girl Nail Polish - $3.47 - don't look past Cover Girl's striking red nail polish colours when looking for beauty fillers.

Revitanail Triple Strength Nail Polish- $14.95 - This one is for nails that long for a little more strength. Particularly good for those who work with their hands and want to strengthen up their nails over the christmas break... cooks and bakers, I'm looking at you!

Reef Sandles - $19.99 - though I'm not crazy about animal print, what I love about these candles is that when standing on them, they offer just the right amount of bold print! Great for the beach this summer, and even better on the wallet at only $20.

Nick Campbell Eyewear Chloe Sunglasses - $270 - the sunglasses that have looked good on anyone that tried them on! I originally bought these for my American travels, and so far, 3 friends have ordered their own pairs. Worth checking out if you're looking for new shades this summer.

Sephora eye shadows, body moisturiser, eyebrow editor - because I don't know anyone who wouldn't like to wake up to a flurry of Sephora stocking fillers on Christmas morning.



Sweet Stuff for him

It's true. Kevin is the hardest person to buy a gift for. So this year, I'm stripping back the grand gestures and sticking to what I know will get some milage. He works out. He loves music. He travels. His hair style is getting better with age, and he loves a drink after dinner on a Thursday night. Perhaps this may help break it down for you, too?

Tequila Blu - $46.99 - Killer good packaging and an awesome addition to any home bar set up. Tequila Blu is an Australian tequila brand, made from 100% blue agave sourced from Tequila, Mexico. evo coalition for the groomed men's survival kit - $29.95 - this little kit features every essential for mens traveling- shampoo, conditioner, shaving balm, moisturiser, and soap. Easy!

JBL Flip2 Speaker - $118 - Perfect for the office, the living room, or anywhere else you might want to play music. Connects to your smart devices and plays music loud and clear in any setting without the need for cords!

Remington Vac Groom 2-in-1 Beard Trimmer - $69 - Kevin can't grow a beard to save his life, but his patchy goatee need some attention every week or so. This little trimmer has a vacuum component so trimmings don't end up all over my clean bathroom.

Monster Battery Pack - $69.95 at JB Hi-Hi - Thin enough to fit in a wallet, this portable charging device is perfect for those of us who spend a little too long using the net on our phones, that we forget it needs juice to perform its most basic last - making phone calls.

SOL Republic Tracks Air - $299 - With an incredible 45 metre wireless range, unique dual device connectivity and a 15 hour battery life, Tracks AIR by SOL Republic are perfect for the DJ, traveller or trainer... and my brother George is all three! 

Uppercut pomade - $24 - because no mad men barbershop cut is complete without a good product to keep it back... plus it's one of Kev's favourites.

JBL Synchros Reflect Sports Wireless Headphones - $159.99 - These game changers are completely worth adding to your boy's fitspo stocking this Christmas. The sound quality is incredible, they fit like a dream and they're completely wireless making tangled earphones a thing of past.




But maybe, this could still happen...