Sweet Treasures

Growing up, I was never the type to be big on typical girly accessories. But when a piece of jewellery did catch my eye, it was usually something special. Whether it was a vintage ring that had been pre-owned and had a story to tell, or one with intricate detail that I had never seen anything like before, these were the pieces that struck my fuzzy femme side.  So while browsing the stalls at The Rocks Markets on a Sunday afternoon, it was no wonder I was drawn to the Natalie Ness jewellery stall. As I began to go through some of the wonderful pieces with Natalie, she told me all about the jewellery making classes she hosts. I thought, what better way to connect with a piece of jewellery than to make it myself! So instead of purchasing some of the fascinating pieces on display at the market, I decided to gather a few girlfriends and take on the challenge of crystal, clay and brass jewellery making. We made the booking, and away we went!

At the workshop, we started with designing and crafting, and moved onto baking (yes, some of your jewellery gets baked) and finally gluing our master pieces to hand made perfection. To our surprise, we ended up with some beautiful accessories that we never thought possible for us to make. Natalie was a great host and offered a wealth of tips and tricks to aid budding crafts-folk like me!

Natalie Ness

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