A 24 Hour Taste of Melbourne



I was 19 years old when I first visited Melbourne. All throughout high school, the talk of Melbourne was all about shopping and as far as I knew, it was synonymous with a designer shoppers paradise. The comparisons to Europe also played a huge factor in what I had come to expect especially because of Melbourne's rich and celebrated coffee culture. But at that point in my life, I thought great coffee was instant nescafe with 2 sugars and milk, and certainly wasn't in the position to be shopping for designer labels. So as a 19 year uni student, I spent my first trip to Melbourne wandering the city with no rhyme or reason. I found book shops and coffee houses, good sandwiches and a few shopping bargains. And I was satisfied.

11 years have passed and I have lost count of how many times I have visited the Victorian Capital. Looking back at my first trip, I now see that I could have done so much more with my time.  It's really easy to walk an entire day away, wandering the winding alley ways and arcades that Melbourne is known for. But if you are looking for a way to maximise every meal and minute out of one day in Melbourne, then this little guide is a pretty good place to start.

Eat. Walk. Discover. Drink. Then eat again.

Melbourne sweet life; nailed.

A HOTEL BREAKFAST Fraser Place Melbourne 19 Exploration Lane melbourne.frasershospitality.com

Well rested and relaxed, we started our day with a good breakfast where we were staying, Fraser Place Melbourne. Toast with eggs and a little baked beans on the side, along with a Nespresso long black, made for one very happy camper. P.S - I regret not trying one of the house baked muffins.


THE MID MORNING COFFEE STOP Trunk 275 Exhibition Street trunktown.com.au

There was something really sweet about this place. I don't know if it was the red and white striped umbrellas, the rope lights, or the fact that the coffee was fantastic, regardless, we were happy to stumble upon it and enjoy the outdoors on a crisp Melbourne morning.






DISCOVER Arts Centre Melbourne Theatres and Exhibition Tour 100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne  artscentremelbourne.com.au

Do you ever wonder what is underneath that tall, white, Eiffel Towel looking spire that sits pretty by the river, just on the outskirts of Melbourne City? On this tour, we ventured 5 floors underground into the 130 year old preforming arts space underneath that tall white structure. The Theatres and Exhibition Tour was a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. In the 1hour tour, we listened to intriguing stories about the planning and development that went into this celebrated arts precinct. After an hour of mazing through dimly lit galleries and foyers, we ended up in the gallery's Café Vic where we were served tea and cake. The cost per person is $20 and includes refreshments at the end.




WANDER Golden Mirror Carousel by Artist Carsten Höller National Galleries Victoria International 180 St Kilda Road Federation Court ngv.vic.gov.au

To honour the 2014 Melbourne Festival microtheme of Circus, the spectacular life-size Golden Mirror Carousel by Artist Carsten Höller is a stunning installation piece that invites onlookers to step on and be slowly transported to another world. The carousel is in constant slow motion, as you step on and off (it doesn't turn quickly as traditional carousels do.) The piece will remain in the space until the 1st of March 2015 and is free to experience.





LUNCHING Chuckle Deli Shop 5, Hub Arcade 
318 Little Collins Street chuckledeli.com.au

Tucked away at the end of the Hub Arcade, Chuckle Deli has been serving up some seriously delicious deli style goods since opening a few short months ago. On offer were fresh salads, sandwiches, grilled basted meats and wine by the glass. I fell in love with the interior, and despite not feeling particularly hungry, I ordered the Brunch Sandwich: buttery and toasted sourdough with eggs, tomato, basil pesto, and cheese. Did I mention I wasn't very hungry? Right, well I finished the sandwich.

I loved this place, so much.








IMG_8384 IMG_8364

DRINKS & NIBBLES Seamstress Bar 113 Lonsdale Street seamstress.com.au

Not that I was ever a real fan of Sex and the City, but I could not imagine a place more fitting for 4 girlfriends to catch up and air out the happenings of any given week. With a strong feeling of Manhattan's Chinatown, Seamstress serves up killer cocktails and canapés in a dark and moody setting. I loved the dozens of vibrant cheongsams that hang overhead throughout the entire space. Perfect silky pops of colour.





DINE Supernormal 180 Flinders Lane supernormal.net.au

Buzzing with corporates, familys and locals, this spot was nothing like I've ever experienced and was anything but normal. As I was dining with a small group, we enjoyed a banquet menu that seemed to be endless. With a menu that's best when shared, we spent hours grazing on some seriously delicious flavours ranging from sweet and delicate to strong and spicy. My favourite was without a doubt the New England Lobster Roll. The brioche bun was fresh and soft to the bite, the lobster sweet and buttery. Considering there was a sign in the window about them being available for takeaway, I highly encourage picking up a few the next time you're spending a day roaming Melbourne City's streets. The perfect walking lunch.

Banquet Menu:

Pickles Sesame cucumber Sea bream, white soy & ginger White cut chicken, noodles, sesame, peanuts & chilli oil New England lobster roll Prawn & chicken dumplings, chilli & vinegar sauce Slow cooked Szechuan lamb, spring onion pancake, coriander paste Steamed white rice Iceberg salad, ginger vinaigrette, mint Peanut butter parfait, salted caramel & soft chocolate 65 per person


IMG_8247 IMG_8250












 Viola of Project Sweet Stuff experienced the Melbourne sweet life as a guest of Fraser Place Melbourne