Thanksgiving 2013 with PSS & Brooklyn Hide

Last night marked the first ever Project Sweet Stuff Gathering; a Thanksgiving dinner at Sydney's Brooklyn Hide.  As it was our first event, 25 friends and family of Brooklyn Hide and PSS joined us for a night of turkey, pumpkin pie and incredible treats from our generous sponsors: Robot Ninja Beer, Shadowfax Wines, Luke Avenue Cookies, and it was all captured beautifully by our sponsor and friend, Shayben.

Matthew Forsdike and the incredible crew at Brooklyn Hide shut the doors of the cafe at 3pm to make way for the evening. We arrived armed with everything we needed to style up a storm, and away we went. By 6pm, the room was filled with flowers, fruits of the harvest, garlands for our lady guests and corsages for our gents. As guests arrived,  we grazed on delicious cheeses, earthy breads and Matthew's incredible hand whipped porcini butter, a serious crowd pleaser! As each course came and went, our guests questioned how the next dish could possibly top the last. Then the stunning finale was plated up and served. Traditional pumpkin pie with double cream, walnuts and burnt caramel. The ultimate finish to a thanksgiving meal.

So here's a little info for our wonderful Australian readers: Thanksgiving began as a tradition that celebrated the harvest of the year. The story goes that the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn feast to give thanks for fruits of the 1621 harvest. A time of the year steeped so deeply in cultural traditions, that people of all beliefs took time to reflect and give thanks before the harsh winter set in. In 1682, in the midst of the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that Thanksgiving be honoured each November.

In the USA, Canada and beyond, Thanksgiving means so much to so many. And while it is not an Australian holiday, what it means to us is warmth, hospitality and appreciation. Sharing and showing appreciation. For family and friends. For the opportunities. For the blessings. For the blessings in disguise.

We are all about appreciation.


Thank you for joining us for the first 7 weeks of our journey. We look forward to the next 77!


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Robot Ninja Beer Shadowfax Wines Luke Avenue Shayben

P.S - Thanks to my amazing Mum for hand crafting the beautiful floral garlands and corsages. I love you! So much!