The Beauty of Travelling


IMG_0729While working at The Journal Magazine, I was very spoilt for choice when it came to all matters hair and beauty. I got to try out the best tools on the market, as well as daily experiments with every type of styling product you could possibly think of. There’s only one problem with all of this – when you become so accustomed to having a myriad of options for your hair and makeup, what the heck does one pack for a 7-week overseas trip to the United States?

I’m a minimalist when it comes to packing clothing, shoes and accessories. But this is the stuff I mull over for days until I make a decision on what makes the cut. The rule is, if it doesn't fit in the case, it stays at home. I pack a protective bag for the hot tools, a smaller case for makeup, and a larger case for the rest of the essentials. Years ago, I discovered a great product for travel at Lovisa (Diva, back in the day) – the best case for toiletries I’ve ever used. They feel super light and a little on the flimsy side, but I paid for $15 for mine and it's been in good knack for a few years now. There are plenty of compartments for everything from ear buds and tweezers to ear rings and skin care, plus a hidden section behind a detachable shower case. The case comes complete with a hanger for the back of the bathroom door, and it always makes my life feel so much neater and organised when I’m gearing up for a big day out. This time around, I have decided to pack a few more hair styling product options... mainly because I've committed to a massive chop while in NYC - and there's no backing out now. The appointment is booked.

So here's a little look at what Kevin’s essentials are in comparison to mine. Funny how he can look so much prettier with so much less... #unfair

IMG_0731Kevin's essentials: products by label.m, KMS California, Tom Ford, Nivea, Uppercut Deluxe, LaRoche Posay IMG_0745Viola's makeup favourites: MAC - INIKA - CHANEL - NAPOLEON - MISS FROU FROU IMG_0754Hair care & styling favourites:  Original & Mineral, Shu Uemura, EVO, Cloud 9, Tangle Teezer, KMS California, Herra, label.m IMG_0768Skin care favourites: La Biosthetique, Babor, label.m

IMG_0771 IMG_0783