The Big Blender Bender


Over the years, we have seen the market flooded with new beauty ideas and tools to enhance our application of makeup. From brushes, to silicone applicators, from boobie filets to beauty sponges, it is safe to say that we have tried EVERYTHING the makeup industry could offer us. Though now we know for sure, that one product has truly changed the game and I know you know what I’m talking about, girl! The reinvention of the beauty sponge.

Almost every brand on the market has made an attempt at this tool, my personal favourites are Elcie Cosmetics’ Velvet Sponge, Real Techniques Beauty Sponges and the O.G. Beauty Blenders. I have tried everything from BYS to Morphe, but these sponges have proven to be the real MVP’s. For those of you who haven’t caved to this beauty movement, let me tell you why you need to jump on board.

  1. Take Control
    Beauty sponges help you have control over how much product you actually have going onto your face. For those of you who know me, you would know that I take every opportunity to wear a full-coverage face, however I am a high-school teacher and attending school looking like my makeup drawer threw up on me is not ideal. A beauty sponge allows you to achieve an airbrushed look regardless of the coverage. It’s perfect for a super quick and light coverage face, but also for a full coverage, flawless face. Either way, you look like an airbrushed goddess and who doesn’t want that?

  2. Use it for everything
    These things are versatile as heck. I use my beauty sponges for foundation, concealer, cream contour, and, as of late, for my highlight. The best way to use these sponges is when they are damp, I made the mistake of using it dry when I bought my first Beauty Blender… it was disastrous. I feel like I went through 4 Litres of foundation because the sponge drank it all, but when I tried it damp my whole life changed (being legit!). This versatility leads me to my next point.

  3. Carry less
    It eliminates the need for SO many beauty tools, meaning that you can pack less while travelling and make more room for new purchases. Obviously if you are going away for 4 months you are going to need more than a beauty sponge, but when I go away for summer vacations or spend weekends away, a good sponge is one of the only tools that I use for a flawless base..

  4.  Fool proof handling
    Literally. A foolish first timer could achieve pretty decent results. It requires no professional skill level to start using one correctly. All you need to do is get the product onto your face evenly and sponges help you do just that! If you don’t believe me there is a video of my 4-year-old cousin applying a pretty decent application of foundation on my face using my beauty sponges. Was it a masterpiece? Of course not, I looked like I had some kind of rare skin disease BUT she is 4. So if you consider yourself a little more skilled than a 4-year-old I promise, you have got this! (Email me for viewing rights of this video, or to book your makeover with the 4 year old.)