The Pig & Pastry Petersham


Last Thursday, I was so happy to catch up with my dear friend Mav and her adorable daughter Ivy after what feels like a lifetime between visits. Mav and I go way back. We met when I started doing some work experience at Faye Cahill Cake Design back in October 2009. Learning the art of Cake Decorating from Mav and Faye was incredible, and that's where our connection flourished. But travelling with Mav to the USA to teach in San Francisco really sealed the deal. No matter the time between visits, Mav and I just pick up where we left off and somehow spend hours in non stop conversation.

This happened last Thursday when Mav came to visit me in my neck of the woods. We had brunch at The Pig & Pastry in Sydney's Petersham and spent hours chatting about everything from motherhood, to the exciting things ahead for the both of us. I had been here a few times since the PSS Launch Party, but this was Mav's first visit. We were greeted with familiar smiles and warmth, and just like all my experiences here, I left looking forward to the next one. From the cakes and pastries to the sourdough, everything at The Pig & Pastry is baked in house, and you can tell - everything is so lovingly prepared and served.

In true Mav and V spirit, we ordered coffee, plus one sweet and one savoury dish so that we could share and get the best of both worlds. We shared the pancakes and corn fritters and enjoyed the coffee down to the last drop. I especially loved the pancakes.  The toasted almonds along with the fresh banana made for an awesome topper. After an hour and a half of chit chat, we made our way to the park across the street, where the conversation continued.

I think it's safe to say we'll be back there sometime soon.

Visit The Pig & Pastry 1 Station Street Petersham NSW