The PSS 20 with DJ G-WIZARD

For as long as I can remember, my big brother George has been a DJ.

But not just any DJ. From a very young age, George made it a point to aim higher than the standard, and it paid off pretty quickly. Every other weekend, George would be hanging out with celebs and playing their shows and after parties…and somehow he always told me 24 hours too late.

George is one of the last of the generation who learnt and mastered true DJ Artistry. He went from mixing 45” vinyl, dumping his mixes to cassettes, then onto CDs and USB’s. This probably means nothing to the average joe, but most DJs will never have a track record like that. By the time George turned 21, he was booked on a one-way ticket to Ohio USA where he took up further studies and a music internship. I was in the 8th grade when he made the move and the day he left, I remember making a mental note; when I turn 21 I’m moving to the US too.

Growing up, I admired what George could do with live shows and mixing, but the first time I heard the songs that he wrote and produced, I saw him in a completely different light. Suddenly he was no longer a DJ. In an instant, George became a musician - and truth be told, I finally figured out what he had been striving for. (Click here to hear the song that inspired this realisation)

Lately, George has been working with some seriously reputable artists, and I have the feeling he is on the brink of something massive. So before that happens and he becomes a gazillionaire (and forgets he has a little sister living in Marrickville who writes a cute blog) I thought I’d corner him into answering the PSS 20.

Ladies and gents, meet my crazy quirky big brother.

The PSS 20 with DJ G-Wizard

Guilty foodie pleasure I’m a sucker for a random dirty glass of red, or cheap ass white, to accompany while I’m cooking…. cause I do love to cook. Ah f#ck it – I’ll do a dirty scotch on the rocks from time to time, but only while I’m cooking.

All time Favourite city As much as I tried to deny it during my post youth years, hands down, nothing beats my hometown Sydney.

Best meal you ever had abroad The lobster mornay at the Lotus seafood restaurant in Bung Tao, Thailand. Absolutely no stinky seafood smell. Straight out of the ocean, not the tank! Up yours Golden Century, with your dirty ass tanks that've had the same water in them since my first visit back in ’97. #nofilter

Worst meal you ever had abroad Mongolian Lamb at Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant in Beirut. Firstly it gave me garbage guts on the first leg of my tour. Let me just say, it was mong as. But props to the Asian kid who was speaking fluent Arabic to his Asian dad!

Your fondest foodie memory Samurai in Pittsburgh 1997, before it became just another Benihana.

Favourite local coffee house… I stopped drinking coffee a little while ago, but lately I’ve been doing a lot of work in Canberra. My mate Xavier took me to his local called Močan & Green Grout and it’s as if you’ve just stepped into someone’s family kitchen. It’s all organic and fair trade.

The best advice you ever received… “Don’t die with your music still in you” – Wayne Dyer told me this in 2010 in Maui. My life has never been the same since. Corny but true.

Theme parks or wildlife parks? Theme parks for sheezy! Unless we’re talking about Pete’s Wildlife Nightclub Pittsburgh, circa 1997.

Your plane is taking off; you’re on your way to a month long vacation. What are you listening to? Bon Iver. Ok F- it, let’s be real… One ear would be occupied with one of my daughters tiny earplugs listening to the audio of Tinkerbell’s Secret of the Wings. #travellingwithkids

The three gadgets you can’t travel without… Phone Headphones Laptop

What do you wish you could take with you on the road? My double feather down pillow, and Buzz Lightyear doona cover… Nah, my daughters of course.

Your most luxurious travel experience so far… Flying first class to LA because my mother had connections with a Qantas pilot’s mum. They served me salmon on a glass plate, with a glass of Brown Brothers white. I stuck the ‘wake me for meals’ sticker on my forehead. I didn't think they would wake me but at 3am, they did... and I remember sleep eating a Magnum Almond.

When I’m away from home, something I miss the most is… Immediate access to Paul Newman’s Ranch Dressing. That shit gives plain old celery sticks a whole new dimension.

Your Airline of choice: Virgin, all the way!

The most underrated city in the world… Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Best thing you ever purchased while traveling is… 15 pairs of fake Calvin Klein spandex undies for 400Bhat. No shit they are more comfortable and lasted me longer than genuine ones.

You finally have a day off, what are the first three things you do to unwind? These questions are getting a little unrealistic for my reality. What do you think I do? ...what everyone else does!

1. Open my eyes, reach for my phone 2. Facebook and Instagram (sucker for the social networks) 3. Take the unicorn out for a spin

The perfect weekend away includes… Reef tanning oil.

Your dream destination is… Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

Your next trip is… Cairns, I’ll be playing at Gilligan’s on Friday the 28th of March and then straight to Club LIV on the Gold Coast on the 30th.

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