TK Maxx Does Summer


I don’t go to as many events and media showings as I used to. This is pretty much because they always seem to fall on the days when I’m busiest with Xavier. But when TK Maxx Australia contacted me to see if I was interested in attending their new spring/summer and holiday showing, I found myself a baby sitter right away. You see, I’ve had a long time love affair with this brand thanks to my many visits to the States (TJ Maxx over there). From my signature coach loafers to all of Xavier’s newborn Ralph Lauren onesies, the things I’ve found over the years have served me very well. These days I only visit when Xavier is in day care because this is a place I like to take my time. You really never know what you’re going to find and it’s definitely worth the treasure hunt! Check out the pics I snapped at the showing in the gallery below.

Stock varies from store to store, but a great range is aways available!

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