Travel there such a thing?


This time two weeks ago, I was packing up my hotel room in Los Angeles and heading back to my home town Sydney. Met with the thoughts that seem to haunt me at the end of every trip, I felt as though the time had flown and I had only experienced half of the things I had hoped to. Rewind to the time I was preparing for my trip to LA, and again- same story. Before going on an overseas trip, my to do list seems to mutate into this never ending roll call of shit that's pretty much impossible to achieve. This week, in preparing myself for some time in Hawaii, I decided to do something I have never done before: be realistic, and let go of the nonsense. Getting ready to travel already includes that list of official requirements...printing visas, making records of flight and hotel reservations, important contact numbers and of course, packing enough to get you through your time away without weighing down the airport scales. For me, I also have to consider all the things my clients need from me before I lose reception. Then there's the cake orders and washing and dusting and making sure the unicorn has a babysitter... while some of those things are pretty important to take care of, this week, I made sure that none of it exhausted me.

While making my cake orders this week, I spent some time listening to Wayne Dyer's "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life". One of the chapters spoke straight to my heart- it was all about knowing when to stop and hand it over to God. Inspired by this genius, here's a list of things I didn't do this week while preparing for my trip to Hawaii:

1. I didn't google the crap out of the destinations I'll be visiting

2. I didn't look up restaurants and cafes that have 4 stars or more on Yelp

3. I didn't overpack with the "just in case" attitude I usually adopt

4. I didn't pack heels, because I have every intention of being barefoot on sand for 90% of the time, for every other moment, my sandals will work just fine

5. I didn't over-plan exactly what I needed to get done while flying; I usually use flight time to write without the distraction of being connected to the Internet

6. I didn't buy a plethora of travel sized beauty products, because the ones I've been using at home are fine to come along for the ride

7. I stopped freaking out at the wet weather forecast for Waikiki and Maui because there is absolutely nothing I can do to change it. Rain and sun are both perfect, all the time.

Not everything on my list is a priority and I'm slowly discovering how to recognise when it's time to just stop.

So what did I do this week? I let myself fall in love with the idea of not knowing how the next week will unfold... I am trusting that wherever my feet take me, is just where I'm supposed to be.

See you soon, Hawaii.


YSL Wallet pictured gifted to Viola by Reebonz Australia