Super Foods Meet Vegan Chocolate


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With my sister Jessica’s wedding only around the corner, things of late have been absolutely manic. Tying up loose ends while paving a new path can be quite a tricky thing to do! Today, I decided that Jess and I needed to take some time out to refocus and reboot. So I booked a spa day that would see 4 hours of our lives disconnected from all things internet. It was time to recharge our batteries.

As I rushed out the door to run 5 errands before this mental ‘shut down’ could even be possible, I grabbed a treat that was sent to me by the lovely Katze over at Four Friends in Crows Nest. We recently heard the news that Four Friends are now offering a healthier alternative for the discerning chocolate lover: a brand new range of organic, handcrafted superfood chocolates. Throw in the fact that they're also vegan, and they have my complete attention.

Believe it or not, I have been on a rather challenging health kick of late, and I've upped my intake of raw, plant based foods. No, I won't be giving up cake or pasta, or any other carbs for that matter, but I'm just paying closer attention to what goes into this think tank. While sitting in traffic, mulling over the challenges of the impending day, I chipped away at the mixed nut and berry bar. I was surprised by the texture and very happy that I wasn't struck with that sickly feeling that usually comes after a chemical filled chocolatey treat.

Exclusively produced for Four Friends using all natural and organic ingredients, this unique chocolate range is made with coconut oil, raw cacao, spices, and superfoods like chia, sunflower seeds, and cranberries.

Perhaps it's time for your next mental reboot? We all need one from time to time.

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