Introducing Wall Warriors



Meet my big sister Claire – loving wife, mother of two, lover of coffee and always living life on a beautiful mission. Whether it’s to get dinner cooked on time or taking part in charity marathons in her hometown of Perth WA, Claire is always keeping herself busy with causes that are near and dear to her heart. So it brings me great pleasure to share with PSS readers something she’s had her heart set on for some time… a charitable movement of her own called Wall Warriors.

When Claire started to talk to her friends about her new project, one by one, they started putting up their hands, asking to join the movement. Before long, she realised that this might be a little bigger than what she had anticipated. So she went to work to find out the best ways to move forward and make the work of every Wall Warrior count. 

Who are Wall Warrirors? Wall Warriors are a group of every day people who will work together to achieve a common goal: to break down the barriers that keep anyone from living life to the full. As a community, Wall Warriors are committed and dedicated to making a real difference in the lives of those afflicted by illness, while having a great time too! It’s with great pleasure that Wall Warriors have pledged the work of their first mission to Camp Quality, an iconic establishment dedicated to creating a better life for every child living with cancer in Australia.

“Wall warriors are people that are determined to live in the moment and see the best in everything.” – Claire Neill

Raising Funds and Breaking Barriers Wall Warriors will come together often and seize every opportunity to raise 10k for Camp Quality. Claire will be hosting the following events in Perth and will offer support to those wishing to do the same all over Australia.

Our suggestions include:

Casual Dress Friday for a donation at a Warrior’s work place Cooking and Craft Classes Chocolate Fundraisers with Cadbury Chocolate Krispy Kreme Fundraisers Movie and Trivia Nights Bunning’s Sausage Sizzles Bake Sales Cookie Drives Morning or Afternoon Tea Spud Nights

Our Final Big Mission: The Great Wall of China In 2016, each registered Wall Warrior will cross the oceans to complete the final mission - to conquer the Great Wall of China. Each Warrior will pledge their commitment to fundraise 2k in 2 years and will be required to personally cover the cost of their own mission trip to China in 2016. (Dates to be confirmed)

Donate to the cause Your contribution is deeply valued, no matter how big or small. You can make your pledge directly with our affiliated charity Camp Quality at any time via this link:

To receive a fact sheet about the mission or for any other inquiries contact Claire via email:

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