A Winter Birthday



There's something about my June birthday that immediately makes me think of cold winter winds and long lasting flus. Last year, I celebrated turning 29, on the 29th of June, staying on the 29th floor of the Prince Hotel in Waikiki Hawaii - one last tropical hurrah as a 20 something year old. This year, I went back to my roots of chicken soup and heavy coats. Over the past weekend, I welcomed my 30th birthday with good coffee, pancakes, fuzzy blankets and warm snuggles with Kevin, and Berry Valentine, the gorgeous pup that I've been looking after until my sister gets home from her honeymoon.

I told Kevin that all I wanted this year, was to have pancakes and coffee and to save the gift giving for our trip to the US that's just around the corner. So we stayed local and brunched at a new neighbourhood gem called Daisy's Milkbar. Kevin ordered a delicious pulled pork sandwich that kept him busy as I made my way through some amazing coffee, awesome pikelets and a scrumptious bowl of mac and cheese - all while Berry slept in an oversized Kate Spade bag on a seat to my left. Later on, we took a drive down south to take in some blue water views. After a few minutes of dealing with the icy cold winds, we decided to head home and spend the rest of the day relaxing under blankets on the lounge.  I guess winter birthdays aren't always miserable.









So, Kevin didn't listen when I told him to hold off on the gifts.

Check in tomorrow to see what had me crying like a school girl on the morning of my 30th.