Years, they go by...



Stuff around here is changing pretty quickly. Life is about to take me in a completely new direction and standing at this crossroad is bringing on the greatest feeling of nostalgia. Ahead of some news I'll be sharing next week, I thought I'd post a personal flashback to one of the best times in my life.

In 2011, the awesome Mavournee Georgeson and I traveled to the USA to represent Faye Cahil Cake Design and teach the Australian Cake Decorating method in California. We taught a specially developed tutorial at Richard Festen's school, Baking Arts San Francisco and collaborated with Jacqueline Butler of Petalsweet for the class. This entire experience got me thinking, "I wish this was my full time job. Making cakes. Travelling. And then writing about it. That'd be nice..."

I've been spending a little time planning my next trip to the US, and while I was looking at some records of past trips, I came across these shots. Next week I'll drop the big reveal, but until then, I'll keep digging up past joys.

Happy Friday, indeed.




Images courtesy of Phao Photography