There's always room for Ice Cream

Summer Lives On with Bulla Family Dairy


I have a pretty good memory. So good, that sometimes my mum questions how I actually remember the detail of some of the experiences we had as children growing up in Sydney’s west. I remember the evening scent of jasmine during the late summer months, that scent would drift through the house after blistering hot days that we spent at the local pool. I remember coming home a little sunburnt and sitting on the front steps of our home and waiting, because we knew that mum was about to bring out watermelon or ice cream. When it was ice cream, the scoops would be topped with milo and sprinkles and we’d enjoy them down to the very last melty bite.

Since becoming a mum, I have found myself doing my best to create the same joys that my mum did for me. The end of summer has always been a time that brings about a sense of change and I found myself caught up in this nostalgia over the past few weeks as autumn rolled in. We’ve been spending what’s left of warm afternoons out in the backyard till it gets dark and inviting our friends over for ice cream at every given opportunity. So when the opportunity to play with Bulla’s new frozen range presented itself, I couldn't possibly say no.

Bulla Family Dairy is one of Australia’s oldest family-owned dairy companies. Owned by the same three families since 1910 it has been proudly making dairy products in Australia for six generations, using locally sourced fresh milk and cream. Using some of its incredibly creamy and delicious new products, I’ve put together a couple of dessert ideas that are sure to please even the most discerning foodie – yep, your toddler included.

The Food Truck Popsicle
For this, I used Bulla Frozen Custard Sticks in Classic Boysenberry– (available in packs of 6). I used bamboo trays for that food truck feel, dipped them in some melted chocolate and topped them with berries, crushed cookies, and white chocolate sprinkles.
Instagrammable? We think so!

Custard Ice cream Pavlova
Using store brought merengue bases and fresh berries, I used a small scoop topping the bases with Bulla Frozen Custard, and finished with fresh kiwi berries, raspberries, strawberries and a generous dusting of icing sugar. You won't need whipped cream for these babies – the frozen custard is perfect on its own!

Xavier’s Ultimate
My son Xav is obsessed with ice cream, and this right here is the picture of what all his dessert dreams are made of. Using Bulla Frozen Chocolate Custard, dusted with some milo, topped with ice magic and sprinkles – this one is an ode to my childhood. Sometimes you just shouldn’t mess with perfection.


Thanks for the memories mum… and thanks Bulla Family Dairy, for keeping them alive and strong.