Bodhi Restaurant | Bar Sydney

DSC_0031 There are fewer things I love more than introducing new cafes and restaurants to my friends and family - especially when they always get it right. So on Sunday, Kevin and I met with the always awesome Petra and Rodney at one of my favourite spots in Sydney, Bodhi. Right at the foot of St Mary's Cathedral here in Sydney, this little gem is our usual yum cha and dumpling joint. With a completely vegan menu that also offers gluten free options, the yum cha offering is by far one of my favourites - even though I'm not vegan, I just adore vegan food (but I'm sure you already guessed that!)

So I know I've blogged about Bodhi before, but on Sunday after my usual favourites pictured below, I tried what was possibly the best vegan dessert ever created in the history of ever.

Passionfruit curd filled doughnuts.

Seriously, I couldn't even believe it. They were absolute perfection. Light and fluffy, filled with sweet, but ever so slightly tangy passionfruit curd- with no yeasty aftertaste.  I really truly hope they weren't a one-off chef experiment and that they become a permanent fixture on that dessert tray, right by the mango pudding and coconut sago pudding. (Please and thank you!)

Visit Bodhi Restaurant | Bar 2-4 College Street Sydney NSW