A Delicious Disney Halloween


In past years, I've experienced the childlike excitement visiting a much loved Disney theme park for the very first time.  I've also ticked celebrating an all American Halloween party off my bucket list... but I've never experienced Halloween and Disney all at once. Do you have any idea what this means?

It means the most special Halloween decorations in the whole wide world, pumpkin and ghost Mickeys all over the park, and most importantly... Mickey's Halloween Party, where you can trick or treat until you can't possibly carry any more candy!

The park was fabulously themed and overflowing with Halloween festivities. Of course, the Haunted House ride was especially extravagant for the occasion. When we picked up our special passes for the Halloween Party, we were given a trick or treat candy bag. I assumed this bag would carry the sweet treats we gathered though the night. I must say, as excited I was to be there for the day, I simply could not wait for sun down. Though I had no idea what to expect, I knew it would be amazing...

Come on, It's Disney!

I found a few sweet ways to pass the lingering afternoon Californian sun. With so many different treats to choose from, I could not go past an old fashioned ice-cream sandwich. The perfect way to enjoy the start of the parade!

As the sun began to set, the parade came to an end. The park was transformed from the happiest place in the world, to the spookiest! The river was covered in a murky mist that changed colour as the sound effects intensified...the trees became illuminated by orange coloured lights and jack-o-lanterns, and the many ghost Mickies that filled the park lit up with a bright light.

Walking back to our awesome hotel room at the Red Lion in Anaheim, Kevin and I carried our treat bags overflowing with candies that we collected at the trick or treat posts throughout the park. We had no idea how much we were really carrying.


What are your sweetest childhood travel memories? Is there some place special you're yet to visit?