Mystery Island Fiji



A mystery is usually described as something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain. And that is the best way to describe my day trip to Mystery Island. It was my third day in Fiji when I embarked on this hour-long adventure of the main port in Denaru carrying in my heart the hope that the experience would live up to the name. It was to my surprise that the journey would be taken on a 63 year old ship. Yes, it was this realisation that activated every anxious cell in my body and sent me into a state of nervousness. Fixed with its very own copper speaking tube and a traditional wooden steering wheel, this 63-year-old beauty proved my fears wrong I arrived safely and comfortably to Mystery Island.

Approaching the island, I realised the water was as clear as I had imagined. From the main boat, we were transported to shore by a glass bottom boat to the island itself. If there is one thing in the world that everyone should experience at least once, it’s a ride on a glass bottom boat. This experience invited me to discover the mystery of the world beneath the sea and swiftly reminded me of the grandeur of ocean life.

Mystery Island left me in an unfamiliar state; the whole experience felt like a dream. The island can be described as paradise, providing visitors with a bar, an outdoor day spa, a volley ball net, canoes, snorkeling equipment, huts and a traditional Fijian Barbecue lunch (all of which, excluding the spa treatments, were provided as part of the cruise package). My day was spent doing everything from swimming to canoeing and I did not leave an inch of the island undiscovered. Okay, I tell a lie - it was my brother canoeing while I relaxed…But never mind the details. The one thing on the island that I strongly suggest to anyone that asks is simply, swimming. You have not lived until you have immersed your body into the warm, pristine waters of Mystery Island where the temperature rests perfectly between not-too-warm and not-too-cold degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Mystery Island, your serenity and beauty will forever remain mysterious to me.