Sydney Food Supply Network

IMG_1486A few months back, my best friend Chris began volunteering his time to an initiative that sources food and produce from businesses where that food would otherwise go to waste. Chris spends a few nights a week collecting this food and delivering it to a group of individuals who prepare meals and offer it to the needy of Sydney.

So far, a few bakeries have been a big help and supply the initiative weekly with garbage bags full of bread. At times, they have collected in excess of 15 garbage bags full of fresh baked goods, all of which are consumed by those less fortunate within a few short hours.

The very essence of this exercise is to redirect food that would end up in trash cans, instead of in the hands of those who are in need.

Today we wanted to post this as a little call to action for any one of our readers who might know someone that knows someone who’d like to get involded. We are on a mission. We would love to see more businesses like cafe's and grocers jump on board with a common goal in mind: to eliminate the waste of food in this city, and provide it to those who really need it.

These are the items most in need: Fresh fruits and vegetables Bread Sandwich deli meats Sausages Condiments Tinned veggies, stock, legumes and other standard soup ingredients

If you are not a business but would love to supply every day items, these are the products that are most in need: Gas canisters for cooking (as seen in the gallery) Old pots and pans for soups Serving ware Food wrap and foil

If you wish to donate clothing or blankets in the lead up to the colder months, please be in touch!

To arrange collection/delivery time please do not hesitate to contact Chris : 0425 125 152 Or get in touch via email at: