The Cruise Life


If you’ve ever been to a dinner party where holidays are the hot topic, you’d know that it never takes long to figure out just how different the ideal holiday can be. For some, the perfect holiday includes business class flights, high-end shopping, big city views and late night martinis at swanky hotels. While for others, bicycle rides through green pastures, street food out of trucks, and living out of an over filled back-pack is the idea of vacation heaven. Then there's the resort buff, who's happy to spend their precious annual leave poolside in a tropical resort that can either be 3 hours or 30 hours away from home, where pina coladas, midday naps and day spa sessions are king. No matter what kind of traveller you fancy yourself, it might be time to step off the shore, and into the world of cruising. Enter Royal Caribbean.

I have never been able to decide what makes up my perfect holiday. Being deathly allergic to routine, I change my mind far too often. I plan my holidays based on what I feel like I need at that point in my life, and so far, I have no travel regrets. If I’m tired, I make plans to be beachside. If I’m energised, it’s all about adventure experiences like rainforest treks.  When planning any itinerary, at the top of my list of prerequisites is good food, some time by the ocean, well being activities, and taking in the world, piece by piece.

In a rather serendipitous way, my husband Kevin and I decided that we definitely needed to get away and within one month of making the decision to skip town for 2 weeks, we were both invited aboard a 15 night cruise with Royal Caribbean International to take part in the worlds first #InstaFilmFest. This was exactly what we had in mind for our much needed escape. I wanted to do nothing and everything. I wanted to sleep and workout. I wanted to switch off the phone, and open a book. But more than anything, I wanted to be floating on the deep blue, bouncing from island to island without having to worry about airports, baggage claim, taxicabs, and transfers.

Kevin and I are no strangers to cruising. I have been a devotee since 2003 and there’s no going back now. I’m the girl who will gladly spend the better half of a dinner party with the family arguing why cruising is the greatest way to holiday, especially with those who have never been on one. When we told our family and friends that we would be spending 15 nights aboard Rhapsody of the Seas with Royal Caribbean, the general reaction was that 15 nights is far too long to be on a cruise. Before you gasp and get all flustered with claustrophobia, just consider this…

Seven ports of call in Australian and South Pacific destinations, including Brisbane, Airlie Beach, Cairns, Vila, Lifou, Noumea and Isle of Pines. Fuss free access to amazing shore excursions like bareback horse riding through tropical rain forests and rivers (yes, I did). A fully equipped fitness center featuring steam rooms and dry saunas. A day spa with some of the best masseuses and therapists I’ve ever experienced. A stunning pool in an adults only section, complete with an all inclusive cafe serving custom salads, soup, sandwiches, and sweet treats. An outdoor cinema screen showing movies by the main pool twice a day. Broadway shows at the Melodies Theatre. A Caribbean band playing reggae classics poolside. An out door rock climbing wall and running track.

And I haven’t even started with the restaurants, bars and lounges.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing the highlights of our time with Royal Caribbean, from on board restaurants to idyllic destinations, and if you needed any convincing, here are a few snaps to get you dreaming about that cruise life.

Seriously. Make it happen.

Viola & Kevin of Project Sweet Stuff experienced the sweet life aboard Rhapsody of the Seas as a guest of Royal Caribbean International