Homemade Raspberry Jam

Looking back on what it was like to grow up in a big Lebanese household, I can’t help but feel nostalgic and grateful for the positive experiences I had with food. There are some memories that just seem to stick with me. Mum was always experimental with cooking and never did things in halves. She always kept a huge garden and a well-stocked pantry. One of the memories that come to mind is coming home from school to the smell of caramelised sugar floating through the house. It was usually when fig season came knocking. All of my mum's friends would pick their fig trees, and gather in one place to make jam. Usually joined by two or three of her closest friends, there would be 3 huge pots simmering away on the outdoor stove top, with oversized wooden spoons resting on the side for stirring. I remember burning my little fingertips dipping my finger onto the spoon to get a little taste of the sticky sugary deliciousness. Much to my dismay, it was always fig jam. I remember asking why they never made raspberry or strawberry or any other berry jam… but I guess it was because the fig harvest was always good… too good, so they had to do something with all of the fruit that they could never get through while it was fresh.

For the rest of the year, a large jar of fig jam would sit on the tabletop, to be enjoyed on fresh bread in the morning with tea, or even as a sweet little bite when dinner was done.

Now that I’m a big girl and get to play house with my husband Kevin, I get to make any jam I please. It’s not the same as coming home to the inappropriate jokes and antics of my mum and her friends - but there’s something about the smell of sugar and fruit boiling away on the stove that give me all kinds of fuzzies.

The recipe below can be found in the Made For Memories Cook Book on page 69. Reese’s Raspberry Jam needs only three ingredients and is incredibly delicious – it make’s approx. 1 litre, so it’s perfect for a little gifting.

The Made for Memories Cookbook was thoughtfully put together to celebrate CSR Sugar’s 160th birthday, and is built on the sweet memories of household cooks all over Australia – it’s only available in Woolworths from the 14th of October while stocks last, and is free with any purchase of 3 x 1kg CSR products.

Reese’s Raspberry Jam

You will need: 1kg frozen raspberries 2 tablespoons lemon juice 4 cups CSR Jam Setting Sugar

Place a small place in the freezer.

Place the berries and juice in a large heavy based pot. Bring the mix to a boil over medium heat. Continue to boil over medium heat and stir occasionally, until the raspberries have broken down.

Add the jam setting sugar and bring back to the boil for 4 minutes.

Remove from heat. Place a spoonful of jam on the cold plate. The surface of the jam should crease when you push your finger through it. Boil for another 2 mins if jam is not thick enough.

Spoon hot jam into sterilised jars and seal


This post was sponsored by CSR Sugar // Custom spoon by The Cutlery Commission