Living The Sweet Life


As most of you know, Lilit and I hosted our second What’s Your Sweet Life event at the Langham Huntington in Pasadena this month. I’ve been home for just under two weeks now and after multiple failed attempts at writing this post, I’ve decided to let go of the Editor in me and just share what’s on my heart. This year has been quite a ride. I’ve hit the milestones and major highs, and experienced lows that had me feeling as though there was no way out. Since hosting our first event in January, my life shifted in a direction that I didn't think I was ready for. Little did I know, that the concept Lilit and I had created would be the very thing that helped me keep my focus on what really matters to me and ultimately pulled me through some of the roughest moments.

While getting ready to leave Sydney for LA, I was still being asked by my friends and family what this event was all about. It’s difficult to put into a few sentences what this event means to me and what it actually stands for, but here’s a shot:

Being creative is one of my greatest blessings and I thank God every day for the talents I have been blessed with. I believe without a doubt that each and every person is in essence a creator. Some of us choose to live a life dedicated to the artistic path and sometimes that can be a lonely place. Especially in today’s insta-obsessed world where everything seems like a race to an imaginary finish line that constantly evades us. These worldly constraints can leave us feeling like we’ll never get ahead, that we’re always running out of time; that we’ll never be talented enough to compete with the next big thing… and really, it’s all bullshit.

What took place that night in the Georgian Ballroom was nothing short of incredible. Anita from Fancy That Events created a whimsical tablescape that drew our guests in and set the scene for something unusual. Each guest was asked share their story and especially focus on what they want to let go of, what they are grateful for, and what it means to be living the sweet life. In doing this, we essentially discovered that living the sweet life all begins with recognising the blessings in all the things we often struggle with…

And it's always the simple things...

What’s a bed without restful sleep and a clear mind?

What’s a clear mind without a restful heart?

What’s a restful heart without a healthy body?

What’s a healthy body without nourishing food?

What’s nourishing food without friends and family to share it with?

What’s family without friendship and loyalty?

What’s friendship without unwavering support and inspiration?

What’s inspiration without the artists, authors and musicians who live in spirit?

What is art without those who find it first in God's creations, then seek to magnify it?

I guess in the end, we're all trying to create something. Something that helps someone else live a sweeter life. This project is all about supporting the artists who are position of influence, because sometimes that place can be daunting. The best part is now….watching the path unfold before these ladies and seeing them create their own greatness. I am blessed to have spent an evening surrounded by those who support my journey with unwavering love and faith.

And I am thankful.

A special thank you our photographer Melody Melikian and videographer RayPro for capturing the night so perfectly.



A special thank you to the brands and individuals who sponsored our event - without your loving support, this is all impossible!

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