Oreo Cookie Pops



I'm a sucker for sweet and easy DIY projects, especially when the final products are cute bites of chocolate covered cookie love! These chocolate covered Oreo pops make a great feature on a dessert or candy buffet and are much quicker to make than cake pops. In my opinion, much more delicious too.

Oreo Cookie Pops

You will need 16 Oreo cookies (1x single roll packet) 16 cake pop sticks or paddle pops 300 grams white chocolate 1 and a half cups of sprinkles of your choice

Method Over a double boiler, melt the white chocolate in a heat proof bowl.

Gently push the cake pop stick into the cream of the oreo. Use a dab of melted white chocolate where the cookie meets the stick to secure them together.

TIP: Do not panic if the cookie breaks when you try to insert the cake pop stick! Just use some of the melted white chocolate to secure stick in place and set in the refrigerator before continuing.

Carefully dip the Oreo into the melted chocolate.

Immediately press both sides of the chocolate covered Oreo into a heaped bowl of sprinkles, gently securing sprinkles to all of the Oreo's surface.

Rest flat on a tray lined with baking paper, and allow to set in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Once the chocolate is set and hard, you're good to go!



Oh - and while you're at it, give a few tiny teddies a cute blanket of sprinkles for winter. Just dip them half way into melted chocolate and finish with a dip into a cup of sprinkles. I hear kids love that stuff.



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